Episode 13: Mataagi brings all the nerds to the yard

April 30, 2018

Dan and Lance return and like always we start off with a healthy dose of news. We talk Mataagi, Solthecians, Vet Honour, Harriet and then we attempt to tackle a question from a local: Why should someone play Engineers over Hunters, or vice versa?

Lastly, we spread some love about the upcoming Muse On Con in May.


Episode 12: Introducing the Brewer’s new flag-bearer

April 3, 2018

Dan and Lance make a comeback. Dan announced that the show was over due to scheduling conflicts but Adepticon revived the spark and the two are going to keep churning out opinions. Dan is absent for most of this episode though, instead his brother, Mike White, shares his Adepticon success with Brewers.


Episode 11: Rats and Auto-Includes with Rage Quit Wire

February 26, 2018

Dan and Lance start off episode 11 with a discussion on the Ratcatchers with guest host Pete Kain from the podcast Rage Quit Wire. After we finish oozing about the new disease-ridden guild we segway over into a discussion about every guild and thier auto-include models. 


Episode 10: Mirror Match drafting & Farmers insight

February 14, 2018

Back from a longer than expected hiatus, Dan & Lance skim past the news and cover some random Guild Ball topics that have been on thier minds. Dan discusses drafting tactics when facing the mirror match and Lance helps reveal whats really going on with the Farmers so that you won't be caught with your pants down.


Episode 9: Top 10 ball fondlers and Fast Pitch Q&A

January 16, 2018

Dan and Lance had a slow news week so we instead decided to do another list. This time Lance ranks the top 10 ball fondlers in the game and then they both answer listener questions. Also, there is currently a Tee Spring campaign going on for Midwestwargaming t-shirts so buy one. https://teespring.com/new-midwestwargaming#pid=46&cid=2753&sid=front


Episode 8: Blacksmith captains ranked worst to first

January 2, 2018

For our first episode of 2018 Lance and Dan break from thier normal news-reporting habits and get into the nitty gritty of Blacksmiths. Lance has been known to dabble in these waters and Dan has lost to his brother's Blacksmiths before so they are both experts. Come listen to thier expert opinons and they'll tell you why the midwest is right and why the UK is wrong. 

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Episode 7: Farewell to 2017 and No Chance Lance tournament recap

December 19, 2017

As per usual, Dan and Lance start off by going over some latest SFG news items (resin reboxing, painting contest, ATC cancelled, new regional tournament struction). Then to switch it up a bit Lance and Dan do some shout-outs. Lance has been loving Guild Ball Scrum app and Dan really appreciates Tectonic Craft Studios. Next, Lance talks about his recent tournament experience at Geek City in North Liberty, IA and finally Dan & Lance talk more about some goals for 2018.

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Episode 6: Steamcon US, where dreams come true

December 5, 2017

Dan and Lance recap SteamCon US keynote, take turns passing judgements and giving thier two cents and then they both just pluck from thier memories thier favorite SteamCon US experiences. Lance talks about Rookie League, pundit party spoilers and meeting people and Dan talks about the LCQ, Snake Draft and grinding games.


Episode 5: Steamcon UK, the hype is real

November 20, 2017

In this episode Dan and Lance go over all the recent spoilers and news snippets that SFG released this weekend at SteamCon UK. Basically, if you missed the keynote you should listen to this episode.


Episode 4: Tons of news and Theron head scratching

November 11, 2017

If you like Steamforged news than this is the episode for you. Lance and Dan go over all the latest happenings for an hour. At approximately the 1:10:00 mark they pivot to a Theron discussion where  Lance explains why he isn't a Theron fanboy and Dan regurgitates every bit of Theron tactics he's consumed from the internet.